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It is the goal of Bactiscan Rental Service to provide you with the equipment you need, in order to complete your task accurately and efficiently.

Rental Basics

Definitely, reserve as early as possible to ensure availability and get the lowest shipping rates. If you know you'll need a rental unit to conduct regularly scheduled testing, consider making a reservation as soon as possible. By doing that, you will be confident that a Bactiscan will be available when you need it.

Yes, of course! We ensure that each Bactiscan is in working condition before shipping to ensure that you receive the device according to its specifications. When you receive the Bactiscan, if it is damaged or not working because of shipping, call us right away and we will send you a replacement. Your rental period will be extended for the time you lost and the time it takes to obtain a replacement. You will be given two free days of rental if you lose a day working and the replacement takes a day.

Your Bactiscan rental kit includes all the accessories, and manuals to do your job, plus copies of the current calibration certificates for the instruments. When you get the Bactiscan, you'll see the checkout sheet we use to confirm everything is included before we ship. Please use the checklist to verify you're returning all the parts, and send it back with your rental. That way, you won't be charged for any missing accessories.

The Bactiscan does not use consumables, hence it can perform an unlimited number of scans in a single day, at no additional cost.

Daily rentals are 24 hours, weekly rentals are 7 days (including the weekend), and monthly rentals are 28 days. The rental period starts on the first FULL day the instrument is in your possession and ends when the instrument is returned. Unless a device is scheduled to arrive early in the morning, you are not charged rental costs for the day the unit arrives.

A pre-paid return shipping label is included with every rental. The tracking number on that label is used to determine the moment when the instrument enters the UPS system and leaves your possession. This is when your rental period officially ends.

The Bactiscan should be returned the evening of your last rental day. We understand, however, that this may not be possible and won't penalize you if you don't get the instrument into the UPS system until the following morning.

If you believe you need it sooner, we will send the instrument out. We will charge you only a half-day rental fee on your first day. After that, you will be charged the regular rental rate for all the other days.

Please let us know as soon as possible. Also, call us if bad weather, problems with the carrier, or other factors beyond your control have delayed your delivery. We'll adjust the rental period to suit your needs at no extra cost.

All pretty standard stuff. You should treat our Bactiscan as if you were borrowing it from a friend. Keep it clean, wipe it down, return it on time, etc.  

Ordering on the Bactiscan Rental Website

No. Upon placing your order online, we will create your account in our system. We can accept a PO and send you an invoice for orders under $750 if you don't wish to pay with a credit card. We will require credit references for orders over $750 and request your account be approved for a larger credit limit.

A confirmation email will be sent to you after entering your details on the site. First, our rental team receives the order through a secure web store, and we check our rental stock for availability. We then contact you to confirm the instrument’s dates to ensure you get exactly what you need and explain any special billing or delivery instructions.

Fees and Charges

No. The Bactiscanin must, however, be returned in its original condition. If you damage the Bactiscan through improper use or accidental damage, you will be responsible for the repair costs. You will also be responsible for replacement costs if Bactiscan accessories are damaged or missing.

The only time we charge a cancellation fee is if the instrument has already been shipped. Each Bactiscan we ship is subject to a one-day rental charge. No charges apply if the Bactiscan is cancelled before it leaves our warehouse. Please call in any cancellations by 4:00pm Central, so we can pull the order from our shipping bench.

Not at all. Our daily rates only apply Monday through Friday. Unless you need a rental unit delivered on a Saturday, you won't need to pay for anything regarding a weekend. We charge you a shipping fee for that, but we do not charge you a daily rental rate.

Not at all. The rental period begins on the first FULL day the instrument is in your hands and ends on the day the instrument is returned. You do not pay rental fees for the day the instrument gets to you, unless it is scheduled for an early AM arrival. We will not charge you for the weekend even if you need a unit for Monday use, and we can deliver it on Friday.

In order to protect you from credit card fraud, we process an authorization for $1.00 when you place your order. There is no charge against your account in this transaction, as it is just an expiring authorization. The rental amount is never charged to your credit card until the instrumentation ships from our warehouse.

For orders shipping to locations in Illinois, Indiana, California, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin, taxes will be applied at the time of order processing. If your company is located in one of these states and holds tax-exempt status, please let us know.

You will need to provide us with a copy of your tax-exempt form.

Are you aware that the  Internal Revenue Service allows you to deduct equipment rental costs when the expenses are "ordinary and necessary" for the operation of your business? So, if you need to rent equipment for your job, you can claim the rental costs as a deduction.

You will be charged for overtime if you decide to keep the instrumentation past the stated rental period. We'll adjust the time period to ensure that your rate is the most economical based on our standard day/week/month tables. Let us know if you are planning to keep the instrument for a longer period of time than originally planned through phone or email, so we can adjust your rental agreement and not inconvenience the next rental customer.

In case you need more time to retrieve your test data from the instrument, please call and let us know. We can download the data for you and send it to you via e-mail or CD for a small convenience fee.

We try to offer competitive and fair rental prices every day. The Bactiscan is occasionally discounted. If you are a frequent renter of Bactiscans, we can provide you with special rates for frequent renters.


Within the contiguous 48 states of the United States, UPS Ground is the fastest method. For expedited shipping, you pay only the difference in the shipping cost to have the instrument shipped to you faster. Within the contiguous (lower 48) United States, rentals valued at $500 or more are eligible for free return shipping. 

You will only be charged the difference between expedited shipping and regular shipping if you need the instrument faster. When renting a unit on a daily basis, we charge shipping charges for both shipping to you and shipping back to us.

Our standard shipping method is UPS ground to keep your shipping costs down. You will have to pay a premium for expedited shipping or Saturday delivery.

Even though UPS is our standard shipping provider, we can use FedEx if you prefer.

When you place your order, we estimate shipping costs based on UPS's online system. Depending on availability and your desired rental start date, we assure you that we will ship your instrument as economically as possible. At the time of packaging, the exact shipping costs will be calculated.

As a part of the rental process, Bactiscan Rental provides a pre-printed return shipping label in the box. In the event, we need to return the instrument faster than UPS ground (so the next renter can use it), we will send you a new shipping label. There is no charge for the faster return delivery, and your rental time will not be affected.

You can also use your own company's UPS or FedEx shipper number. If the carrier's insurance covers the instrument replacement, you will be charged for those costs.

Yes, of course. Our rental instrumentation will arrive when you need it if you are staying at a hotel during the project. Our only request is that you provide a contact's name and phone number at the job site if you want the rental shipped directly there.

 If that's easier for you, we can even provide you with a UPS call tag (for a small fee), so UPS can pick up the rental unit at your hotel after you're done. Using this method, you don't have to find a UPS location to return the rental unit.

The timing depends on when you need it. Our same-day shipping policy applies to orders placed by 3 PM Central Time. As a general rule, we ship far enough in advance of your requested arrival date for your package to be sent by UPS ground, which helps keep your shipping costs low.

We can ship your order on the same day if you need it. Having your order shipped the same day has a premium price tag.

If the carrier provides service to your location, then yes.

To return the instrument to us, you will receive a pre-printed, pre-paid shipping label along with the rental kit. We'll be happy to issue a call tag (for a small fee) so UPS can pick up the rental at your location after you drop the label off at the nearest UPS location (or your plant dock, if your company has regular UPS service).

If you receive the rental in a box, be sure to save it for return so you have a box to use. To make shipping back the unit as easy as possible, we even include packing tape with the unit.

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International Rentals

Rental customers in the United States and Canada are welcome to do business with us. Rental customers from most other countries should contact us.

You can. You are still responsible for any damage or theft that occurs while the item is in your possession or in transit.

Rent-to-Own or Leasing Arrangements

In fact, we will sell our rental instruments. In determining the sale price, we consider the age of the instrument and how much rental use it has seen.

Should you decide to purchase the instrument during or after your rental, please contact us! Based on the length of your rental contract, we can apply a portion of your rental charges toward the purchase of the instrument. If needed, we can set up a payment plan so that you will own it once the agreed amount is paid.