Let Bactiscan Show You Where The Bacteria Really Is!

Display the Bactiscan Certified Clean™ seal.

Bactiscan goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the foodservice industry uses to prevent food contaminations and food-borne illnesses.

Visually clean is no longer good enough! The food service industry must utilize a scientific method to quantify cleanliness. Using Bactiscan’s science-based cleaning verification and preventative control system, you can assess your cleaning outcomes to reduce contaminations and foodborne illnesses in the facility,  protecting your guests and staff.

Creating Bactiscan Quick Service Restaurants

Now is the most ideal time for quick-service restaurants to implement processes that guarantee food safety and facility cleanliness!

With media scrutiny and public awareness on the rise, a single breach of quality control or reveal of poor facility hygiene could have catastrophic consequences for a restaurant.

Because of this, Bactiscan is the perfect system to monitor and verify food safety processes to make sure they are working and being followed properly.

The Bactiscan system is affordable and easy to use, simplifying implementation and reducing employee training.

Bactiscan provides a higher level of cleanliness to the food service industry by immediately identifying bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, to prevent food contamination and food-borne illnesses.

Illuminate Away Uncertainty!

The Bactiscan Difference

The Bactiscan Certified Clean program goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the healthcare industry uses to prevent contaminations and healthcare associated infections.