Let Bactiscan Show You Where The Bacteria Really Is!

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Bactiscan provides a higher level of cleanliness to industries through its innovative alternating UV wave technology, which immediately identifies bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces.

The majority of industries no longer accept visually clean as good enough! These industries must utilize a scientific method to quantify cleanliness. Using Bactiscan’s science-based cleaning verification and preventative control system, these industries can assess their cleaning outcomes to reduce contamination and preventable infections in the facility, protecting their products, guest and staff.

Creating Bactiscan Clean In Personal Care And Cosmetics Industries

Infection control departments have significant responsibilities in ensuring that cleaning standards are maintained at the highest levels.

The coordination of the Infection Control department with Environmental Services plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean hospital to prevent healthcare-acquired infections by ensuring that cleaning standards are upheld while keeping a tight budget.

Objective measurement of surface cleanliness using Bactiscan cleaning verification provides a rapid assessment of cleaning effectiveness and informs Infection Control managers to know how cleaning staff is performing, and quantify the standard of cleanliness in the healthcare environment. In addition, the Bactiscan cleanliness audits can be used to set goals for improvement and keep every member of the team cleaning to the same, measurable standard.

Bactiscan provides a higher level of cleanliness to industries by immediately identifying bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, to prevent contamination and preventable illnesses.

Illuminate Away Uncertainty!

The Bactiscan Difference

The Bactiscan Certified Clean program goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the healthcare industry uses to prevent contaminations and healthcare associated infections.