Let Bactiscan Show You Where The Bacteria Really Is!

Display the Bactiscan Certified Clean™ seal.

Bactiscan assures a higher level of cleanliness across our food supply chain by detecting bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, protecting consumer safety and health.

Using Bactiscan’s science-based cleaning verification and preventative control system, you can assess your cleaning outcomes to reduce food contamination and foodborne illnesses. 

Creating Bactiscan Clean Nutraceuticals Processing Facilities

You strive to maintain the highest quality product for your customers, whether you are manufacturing supplements, probiotics, or other health-supporting products. However, contamination can always pose a threat.

Nutraceutical manufacturers will have to identify hazards, develop preventive measures, and document anti-contamination controls as a result of FSMA regulations. Bactiscan contamination detection system makes environmental and product monitoring easier.

Bactiscan indicates the presence of microorganisms at low and high contamination levels, allowing easy identification of areas in which cleaning is inadequate.

By strengthening your food safety program with Bactiscan, you can ensure that you keep your customers happy and safeguard your brand.

Bactiscan provides a higher level of cleanliness to the food safety industry by immediately identifying bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, to prevent food contamination and food-borne illnesses.

Illuminate Away Uncertainty!

The Bactiscan Difference

The Bactiscan Certified Clean program goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the healthcare industry uses to prevent contaminations and healthcare associated infections.