Bactiscan assures a higher level of cleanliness across our food supply chain by detecting bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, protecting consumer safety and health.

Using Bactiscan’s science-based cleaning verification and preventative control system, you can assess your cleaning outcomes to reduce food contamination and foodborne illnesses. 

Basic Module

The Basic Module contains all the core functions of the software including User Profiles, Software Settings, and Options. Enter or import existing space inventory. Create multiple locations, buildings, floors, and spaces. All aspects of the spaces are stored in the Basic Module. You can enter Area Type, Floor Type, Floor Cleaning Methods, Space Area, Wall Area, Wall Height, Space Volume, Quality Profiles, all Tasks, and Frequencies

Calculation Module

The Calculation Module comes pre-load with a comprehensive set of reliable industry standard time benchmarks. Both the Basic Module and the Planning Module use the times from the Calculation Module to calculate times and production rates per room, floor, building, customer, department, and work schedule. It also includes a full set of dynamic area type base models

Measuring Module

The Measure Module provides the ability to do visual management and planning using twenty-one color-coded data overlays. Because the drawings are dynamically and seamlessly linked to the space inventory database a change in one is reflected in the other. You can use the onboard drawing tools to create new spaces or edit existing ones. For larger facilities you can import cad drawings and the software will automatically measure the square footage of every space on the floor. The screenshot below is showing the cleaning work assignments on the floor.

Planning Module

The Planning Modules let you precisely create work assignments and do work-load balancing. The Cleaning System can also automatically do the work loading and do work balancing. You can assign which days of the week the particular rooms are to be cleaned. You may even plan whether light or thorough cleaning is to be performed, whether additional rounds of cleaning are to be performed or whether floor machine tasks are to be run.

Quality Control Module

The Quality Control Module is based on the Nordic INSTA 800 Standard for evaluation of finished cleaning work. Following inspection and keying of results, The Cleaning System will calculate whether the rooms meet the quality requirements expected, and you may print a report showing the overall result for the entire inspection, as well as for each room inspected. With the Quality Control Module, you will obtain an efficient and fast control of finished cleaning task.

Infection/Hygienic Module

This module is based on the Danish Standard of DS2451-10 for control of infection hygiene in the health sector. It will tell you which risk points you need to check, tell you whether all risk points actually meet the risk hazard degrees recommended. It also works with our free Mobile Inspection software so you can monitor your risk hazard while doing Quality Control Inspections.

Costing Module

The Costing Module is used for calculations of costs based on actual wages and other costs for each location. The price calculation will be based on your calculated cleaning times for each of your cleaning assignment. Whenever you change a room, a cleaning frequency, or other registrations affecting the total cleaning time, you may view the new price calculation immediately thus offering an overall view of your revenues and your expenses for each cleaning assignment calculated.

Report Generator Module

The Cleaning System comes with a large number of ”ready-to-use” reports. With the Report Generator you can add new reports or adjust the ”standard reports” to fit your own layout. You may create new printouts with other items of information if you cannot use the items of information from one of the many standard reports.

Bactiscan provides a higher level of cleanliness to the food safety industry by immediately identifying bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, to prevent food contamination and food-borne illnesses.

Illuminate Away Uncertainty!

The Bactiscan Difference

The Bactiscan Certified Clean program goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the healthcare industry uses to prevent contaminations and healthcare associated infections.