Image-Guided Surface Bacteria Detection

Let Bactiscan Show You Where The Bacteria Really Is!

Bactiscan image-guided swabbing(BIGS) improves detection of epidemiologically significant surface bacteria, to prevent contamination and outbreaks.

Bactiscan image-guided swabbing(BIGS) will help food processors and EVS managers identify the environmental areas occupied by epidemiologically significant bacteria and maximize sampling of those pathogens without impacting workflow.

Bactiscan Image-Guided Swabbing(BIGS)

Environmental monitoring and preventative controls include swabbing surfaces for bacterial species to detect and quantify contamination.

This innovative technology uses wave alternating UV technology to identify bacterial contamination on surfaces in real-time.

Thus, aiding in the identification and quantification of bacteria in and around critical/vulnerable areas using microbiology testing technologies.

BIGS visualize bacteria and guide environmental surface swabbing during routine sanitization verification and investigation of contamination outbreaks.

Food Safety Solutions

Bactiscan image-guided swabbing(BIGS) more accurately identifies the presence of bacterial or biofilms on surfaces compared with standard random swabbing.

In addition, BIGS maximizes the recovered bacterial load compared to random or blind swabbing.

Bactiscan provides a higher level of cleanliness to the food service industry by immediately identifying bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, to prevent food contamination and food-borne illnesses.

Illuminate Away Uncertainty!

The Bactiscan Difference

The Bactiscan Certified Clean program goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the healthcare industry uses to prevent contaminations and healthcare associated infections.