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Bactiscan assures a higher level of cleanliness across the cannabis industry by detecting bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, protecting crops, consumer safety and health.

As states establish regulations to ensure pathogen-free cannabis products, Bactiscan delivers the technology each grower, processor, and dispensary needs to detect and prevent microbial contamination. Discover Bactiscan’s UV-based technology for the detection of powdery mildew, aspergillus, and other pathogens in minutes.

Bactiscan Cleaning Validation System

In a rapidly expanding and increasingly regulated industry such as cannabis, screening tools to detect microbes are becoming increasingly crucial. 

While screening has focused primarily on screening raw cannabis products, little attention has been paid to screening the actual facilities where that product is processed, which has the potential to be a contaminant source for the final product. 

Environmental surveillance is increasingly implemented in the cannabis industry due to increased regulations and crop loss, from microbial contamination. 

Pathogens are always a concern in cannabis production facilities, as they indicate a potential reservoir of contaminating organisms.

Furthermore, these pathogenic organisms may pose a significant threat to both human health and cannabis products.

Cannabis pathogens present in cannabis growing and processing facilities may increase the risk of cannabis disease, which could lead to crop losses and rejected cannabis products.

Not only are these concerns prevalent in cannabis operations, but in food and pharmaceutical production as well.

Food Safety Solutions

The rapidly expanding cannabis regulations require higher and higher levels of sophisticated microbial contamination testing, which can be expensive. 

Cannabis products that are being tested for microbial contamination are typically submitted without a high degree of confidence that they will meet existing regulations. This lack of confidence frequently leads to the harsh reality of product failure. If this high-value product fails microbial testing, it cannot be sold. 

This leads to investment losses, grower losses, processor losses, manufacturing losses, and less product on dispensary shelves that is safe for patients. 

Unfortunately, most cannabis growers become keenly aware of the need for environmental testing after the first loss and in their search for crop loss prevention in the future.

A high-value crop like cannabis must be protected from testing failures – otherwise, brands, companies, products, and investors can suffer great losses.

As a result, environmental monitoring has become one of the most important “best practices” in cannabis production.

Bactiscan Cleaning Validation System

We offer Bactiscan’s innovative technology to solve this vexing problem for cannabis growers, processors, and dispensaries. Monitoring relevant areas within grows, processing, manufactures, and dispensaries for microbes is the solution.

Using traditional culture methods for environmental monitoring is challenging in terms of time and expense.

Utilizing Bactiscan advanced pathogen detection system can definitively detect surface contamination in a fraction of time and cost, thus making cannabis environmental monitoring a practical reality.

Thus producers, processors, and dispensaries can quickly detect contamination, before harvesting, processing, and dispensing products. 

This enables producers to mitigate any contamination issues before submission of products to testing labs.

Bactiscan provides growers, processors, and dispensaries the tool to perform this type of routine monitoring in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Food Safety Solutions

Due to the potential negative impacts of microbial contamination on cannabis production and processing facilities, practices to reduce risk must be developed, diligently followed, and maintained.

Bactiscan environmental monitoring system can be used to continuously monitor and screen facilities for microbial contamination, which is an important component of risk reduction.

Despite being largely harmless, some of the microorganisms detected in continuous surveillance can pose health risks to humans and to cannabis products. 

It is important to perform initial testing to detect and identify any contaminating organisms that may be present within that facility.

These baseline test results can be used to compare subsequent screening results and verify that decontamination methods are effective.

Furthermore, Bactiscan can confirm contamination sources, validate the cleanliness of the facility, as well as identify any new instances of contamination.

Bactiscan Cleaning Validation System

Microbial contamination could go undetected without environmental screening, endangering the yields of cannabis and human health.

The use of Bactiscan for screening at cannabis facilities can reduce contamination rates, modify decontamination procedures as needed, and ensure that facilities are monitored to ensure rapid detection of recurrence of contamination. 

Bactiscan can be used to evaluate potential microbial contamination within cannabis production and processing facilities by screening the environment for bacteria.

HVAC And Dehumidifier Preventative Control

Dehumidifiers and HVAC systems can serve as microbe reservoirs. It is ideal to clean between each growing cycle or as otherwise required by your local jurisdiction.

When crops are moved from one room to another, the HVAC system must also be clean.

Surfaces susceptible to contamination by bacteria and mold include air filters, drain pan(s), airstream coils, P-traps, outdoor air louvers, and fan wheels.  

UV technology allows Bactiscan to reach areas that are otherwise hard to access.

By illuminating these surfaces, the Bactiscan can detect bacteria, biofilm, or mold. 

Dehumidifiers, often have multiple sets of air filters to prevent mold spores from circulating in the moist air.

Typically, dehumidifier coils are several inches deep, making it difficult to clean them thoroughly.

Further, the items caught by the filters from one crop can contaminate a subsequent crop. 

Coils are also used in dehumidifiers, such as evaporator, re-heat, and outdoor condenser coils. These coils can harbor pathogens, which can cause contamination.

These coils can be inspected for bacteria, biofilms, and mold using Bactiscan, preventing contamination.

Bactiscan Cleaning Validation System

According to Yamashiro(2019), for environmental monitoring to be effective for cannabis growers and processors, it should utilize “SMART” tests. SMART tests include: 

  • Simple – straightforward and easy to use with facile interpretation and reporting of test results 
  • Money-conscious – overall low cost of testing which encompasses not only reagents or kit, but also dedicated equipment, facilities, and specially trained laboratory staff to run the tests 
  • Accountability – provide actionable results to understand the location and potential sources of contamination which hold accountable the individuals and processes responsible for the cleanliness of the affected area(s) within the facility 
  • Reliability – this is paramount to instill confidence that the results are accurate, informative, and truly actionable 
  • Timely – early detection is necessary to implement mitigation actions early to prevent systemic contamination of the entire facility and product failures

Bactiscan delivers the first UV-based SMART testing platform to reshape the Cannabis industry, by providing results immediately.

Bactiscan satisfies those criteria and is truly a "SMART" testing device.

Food Safety Solutions

Bactisacn provides proactive approaches to detect microbial contamination of surfaces and environmental monitoring of surfaces within cannabis cultivation and processing facilities. By using a Bactiscan SMART tester, it is possible to provide management of a facility with early detection of a contamination breach and mitigation measures to eradicate the contamination, before it becomes systemic and before large quantities of highly valued products are compromised.

Harness Bactiscan's UV-Based Technology To Ensure CLEAN Surfaces, Within Minutes.

Immediately detect multiple pathogens (including powdery mildew and gray mold). 

  • Perform an unlimited number of scans per day, thanks to advanced UV-based technology that enables industry-leading throughput. 
  • Establish a cannabis industry best practice that reduces crop losses and costs. 
  • Adopted by hundreds of facilities in the healthcare and food industry to replace outdated testing!

Bactiscan Sets The Standard In Surface Pathogen Detection

Microbial detection for growers and processors serving the cannabis industry is critical to ensure a safe and healthy cannabis industry. Bactiscan industry-leading throughput system ensures unlimited scans can be performed per day. It’s one more way Bactiscan delivers a cleaner, more profitable cannabis future.

Bactiscan Prevent High-Value Cannabis Crop loss with Innovative Environmental Monitoring Technology

Bactiscan Cleaning Validation System

Bactiscan offers many advantages over traditional methods and technologies for microbial detection. Compared to traditional methods and technologies.

In addition, Bactiscan provides results in a more cost-effective and rapid manner.

Bactiscan Delivers Certainty In Just Minutes

We’ve packed decades of scientific advancement into a simple UV lamp, which is now the leading bacteria and biofilm surface contamination detection system. Bactiscan significantly reduces both time and cost when compared with traditional microbial detection methods.

It’s Simple

Use Bactiscan to illuminate the surfaces of equipment, work tables, vents, windows, trays, or any other surface in your facility. Watch as Bactiscan’s ultra-fast pathogen detection system identifies the exact location of bacteria, Biofilm, and mold on surfaces. 

It’s Fast

Bactiscan requires no lab time and space, and returns definitive results immediately, at a fraction of the test costs.

It’s Scalable

Bactiscan advanced UV technology is utilized to detect bacteria, biofilm, mold and multiple other pathogens on surfaces, and can perform an unlimited number of scans in a single day, at no additional cost.

It's Replicable

Bactiscan environmental monitoring system provides consistent, replicable results, even on surfaces that are irregular and difficult to access.

It’s Cost-Efficient

Not only is Bactiscan well-priced, but it also does not use any consumables. The real efficiencies of Bactiscan come from the money saved by reducing product loss to contamination. The cleaner your facility, the cleaner your yield.

It’s Comprehensive

Bactiscan identifies surface pathogens that can destroy the marketability of your crop. It does so by detecting surface bacteria, biofilm, and mold that can contaminate crops and threaten your revenue. Early detection provides an opportunity to remedy the problem quickly.

One Simple Way To Stop Multiple Pathogens


Bactiscan SMART auditing advanced UV lamp identifies the exact location of surface pathogens, enabling immediate mitigation, preventing compliance delays and, more importantly, avoiding crop losses.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew, a fungus pathogen that adversely affects both indoor and outdoor plants, can be detected by Bactiscan. In fact, it can remain invisible to the grower, however, Bactiscan’s innovative UV-based technology makes it visible.


Bactiscan can also detect aspergillus, a fungus that grows in soil and on plants, and whose spores travel through the air and land on surfaces—a good reason to illuminate air vents and other surfaces with the Bactiscan. This is particularly important for medicinal Cannabis, which may reach patients with compromised immune systems.


Bacteria belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae family, also known as Bile-tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria, include Salmonella, E. coli, and coliform bacteria.

 Bacteria belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae group are most commonly responsible for microbiological failures in the cannabis industry. Such failures are the most difficult to detect and the most dangerous to consumers.

Cannabis regulators typically require samples to be tested for Enterobacteriaceae before they can be sold in dispensaries. Bactiscan can effectively detect surface contamination caused by this group of bacteria.

Illuminate Away Uncertainty

You can avoid potential economic losses associated with 30 percent of cannabis being contaminated and wasted. Detecting surface pathogens with Bactiscan is simple and efficient, which ensures a clean, efficient operation. One simple click of a switch can help you safeguard your grow and your business.

The Bactiscan Certified Clean program goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the healthcare industry uses to prevent contaminations and healthcare associated infections.


Creating A Bactiscan Clean Cannabis Industry

Contamination from inadequate sanitation, biofilm residue, and allergens in cannabis manufacturing facilities can lead to spoiled products, ingredient contamination, and dissatisfied customers.

Bactiscan’s sanitation monitoring system is an easy-to-use device that harnesses the power of alternating wave UV-based technology to detect surface pathogens, including bacteria, mold, biofilm and residues that are troublesome to the cannabis industry.

Bactiscan surface pathogen detection system can also help verify that cleaning procedures, sanitation chemicals, and personnel effectively remove contamination before production starts.

With Bactiscan, you can ensure your facility and equipment are safe and clean, allowing you to stand out from the competition. The standardized government regulations are still a ways off, so get ahead of the curve and be audit prepared when the time comes. 

Bactiscan provides a higher level of cleanliness to the food safety industry by immediately identifying bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces, to prevent food contamination and food-borne illnesses.

Illuminate Away Uncertainty!

The Bactiscan Difference

The Bactiscan Certified Clean program goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the healthcare industry uses to prevent contaminations and healthcare associated infections.